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Review Consumer Confidence Data

The report you are about to generate is designed to present the data you will need to assist with
creating a regulation-compliant Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). It does not, in and of itself,
satisfy the complete requirements of the Consumer Confidence Rule. You may wish to use EPA's CCR iWriter
tool to produce a regulation-compliant Consumer Confidence Report.  CCR iWriter

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 2017 CCR data is available. All water systems must deliver their annual
CCR report to their customers by October 1st. Wholesale water systems must provide their raw data report
from this website to their purchase water systems as soon as it is available. DEQ won’t be enforcing the
usual April 1st deadline for wholesale water systems to deliver their CCR data to their purchase water systems.
DEQ recommends that wholesale systems contact their purchase systems to explain that the CCR data will be
available after April 1st. Once the raw data report is available on this website, the wholesale system can
deliver a copy of their data report to their purchase systems. Providing the raw data report to your purchase
systems is sufficient until the actual CCR report is complete. Once the actual CCR report is complete,
the CCR report should also be delivered to your purchase systems.